Plastic Fusion Business Station (10450)

The complete plastic repair station system

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The Plastic Fusion Business is a complete plastic repair station taking in account that some shops already have some tools like the tacker. Therefore the tacker is not included in the unit. Else it combines all necessary methods to be able to repair both thermoplastics and thermosets plastics. The system consists of two parts.

The Unit

The unit has several functions in it. The main part of the unit is the fusion part. There are three modes available depending on the desired options.

Internal compressor
The temperature can be pre-set and the real temperature can be seen on the display. We can achieve a higher temperature at a lower air volume as this is the key to be able to achieve good bonding. With it we get the plastic faster up to its own melding flow index (MFI) which then makes is ideal for bonding.

External air connection
By being able to connect it to an external air we can then increase the air volume if desired. The temperature setting and reading still work the same. On some repairs, a higher air volume is desired as this can speed up the bonding process. It can also be used to form a plastic once it is dented.

Nitrogen add on
By being able to add on nitrogen we can then do nitrogen welding. This can reduce the smoke with some plastics and also it can make cleaner welding.

The trolley

The trolley has three drawers. All the necessary tools and materials can be stored which then make it a perfect repair station. Normally in the top drawer, we have the tacker and the tacks. In the second drawer, we store the tools. For one we have the two-speed grinder which guarantees that the plastic is not heated up in the prep phase and in the finishing phase. Then we also have the wide vice which is needed for the repairing of bumper lashes. In the bottom drawer, we store the optional chemical repair components. We also have on the left a tool holder as during the repair process we can store all tools.

An additional optional add on is the nitrogen bottle holder which can be attached to the back of the trolley.

With all of these components, it makes it the perfect plastic repair station.

Repairing a cut or crack

Repairing a hole

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