Innopuller (5600)

5 in 1 – a modernly designed and multifunctional tool

  • Innopuller
  • Sliding hammer
  • Hand puller
  • Shrinking
  • Bit welding
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With its unique design, the Innopuller can be used for several functions. The pulling height can be adjusted by simply turning one single screw. The feet are adjustable in two ways: lengthwise, enabling them to be spread apart (away from the welding tip), and they can also be turned, allowing the different profiles on each side to be used, depending on the application. The complete Innopuller can be used for deep or sharp damages as well as for precise finishing work. With small modifications, it can be used as a small sliding hammer. By using the pulling device, the finishing work becomes very simple and fast. Adding a bit welding adaptor converts it in an ideal tool to weld bits.

The Innopuller works perfectly with our Digispot and our Alumet welders. It can also be used with other welders available on the market today.

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