Alumet Slimliner A (6106)

Modern aluminium repair system

What it contains

  • Slim Trolley
  • Alumet Spot
  • 3 Hammers
  • Dentliner
  • 3 Pulling Bars
  • 1 Alu Pulling Element Set
  • 1 Glue Puller GP2
  • 1 Power Knob Full Set

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The Alu Slimliner is a smaller version of the Alu Flatliner. It offers an economical solution to being able to repair damages on an aluminum panel. It has consist of the glue solution as well as the stud solution. There again we have two versions of A and B. The main difference being that in the B version the bridge is not included.

This is a small, complete working station for alu applications. It contains the necessary tools for repairing small to medium collision damages on aluminium.

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