T-Hotbox PDR


The T-Hotbox PDR is an innovative dent removal tool, which includes several new aspects. Next, to the adjustable time and power settings on the unit, the Small Heat Pen T vibrates when activated. This also helps to pull up the dent. A further advantage is the small size of the unit itself which is the key to an easy application.

The handheld T-Hotbox comes with a 5-meter power cable and a case to make the transport easier. The main application is for small and soft dents. Furthermore, it can be used for a wave or area damage on a panel or as a finishing tool for any PDR technician.

Generally speaking, it is a great tool to make most dents smaller without much experience. This makes it an ideal tool for anybody shop as well. Next, to that, it is also used to shrink overstretched metal as no paint needs to be removed with it.


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