PDR Trolley Set (8080)

An innovative and handy workstation combining our three main PDR tool kits: 25 pieces Pro Set, Bea Full Set and GluePuller GP2.

What it contains

  • 25 pieces Pro Set (8050)
  • BEA SPS Full Set (9000)
  • Glue Puller GP2 (7510)
  • Trolley (8081)
  • 4 plug electro connection and extension cable

Our PDR Trolley Set is an innovative and handy workstation combining the most important PDR systems in one handy trolley. It is an absolute necessity for every ambitious body shop wishing to increase efficiency. The three most important tool kits 25 pieces Pro Set, for which you have an overview of the tools with the outline on the back, SPS Full Set and Glue Puller GP2 are combined with our practical blue trolley, so you have all tools in one place. With the 4 electrical plug connection cable, you can plug in all tools needed, without creating a mess. This workstation makes any skilled technician’s heart beat faster.

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