Nut Releaser Set (3431)


The Nut Releaser is a specific heating tool. Thanks to the wide range of air coils, many parts can be heated precisely. Because of the coil concept, the heat is applied evenly around the part, for example on nuts. With a different diameter of coils, many dimensions can be covered.

The coils can be both straight and sideways which enables a straight application or from the side. The small size coil enables heating of hard to reach nuts. The coils can even be bent if needed. Also, tricky problems like a corroded diesel pre-glow plug or a spark plug can be heated specifically. Even if there isn’t much space around it.

The flex air coil can be wound around any pipe or metal part, which then enables heating around it. Ideal for rusted mufflers. The quick snap-on connectors enable a quick changing of the coils.

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