IONSTAR® – The smarter antistatic gun.

Made in Germany – for modern painters worldwide. As the very first antistatic gun with the innovative fibre optic technology, the IONSTAR® ietzt offers even more top performance for best painting results. Avoid dust entrapment almost 100% with improved paint adhesion. For the painter, this means the best paint finish, much less rework and higher painting capacity. IONSTAR® brings the painter 30 years of innovative know-how packed into the smartest and lightest professional ionizing gun in the world. Experience a smarter painting process….. Nearly 100% fewer dust inclusions IONSTAR® ionizing technology improves paint adhesion, no cloudiness or dark edges, fewer colour-matching problems, no static, less rework, saves time, material and money. Patented turbine generator technology, practical and ergonomic, Innovative fibre optic technology for best painting results. Technical data Pre-assembled and ready to use, standard EU coupling for compressed air hoses with protective aluminum case. Ex(ATEX), CE and UKCA certified. Approved for use in spray booths

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