Plastic Tacker with Iron Set (10015)


BETAG Innovation’s Plastic Tacker with Iron Set is a practical kit for carrying out professional repairs to vehicle bumpers and other components out of thermoplastics (PC – PA – PP – PE – ABS – XENOY). Cracks on bumpers and lights can be easily stapled together and even bumper and light brackets can be repaired with this tool. The repair is done by melting special tacks or staples into the damaged part, thus binding the two separated surfaces back together. Once the staples are in place, the wires sticking out can simply be broken off. The repaired surface can then be smoothed out or reinforced by using the soldering iron.

The Plastic Tacker with Iron Set is the ideal tool for such repairs – easy to use and highly portable it will speed up the time to complete plastic repairs.

Plastic Tacker with Iron Set (10015) Components

    • Plastic Tacker
    • Soldering Iron (10060)
    • Case
    • Tacks Angle (10050)
    • Tacks Large S (10051)
    • Tacks Small S (10052)

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